Illinois Drilling and Testing


We are pleased to be able to provide our clients with prompt, practical and customized services to fit particular needs.


The staff of IDT includes professionals with the experience and capability of managing a varying multitude of geotechnical assessments. Our skilled personnel have extensive training in soils, material testing and foundation engineering as well as customer service.


We are organized to provide professional services including soil studies, laboratory testing and inspection services. IDT has the equipment necessary to perform subsurface investigations and a full range of geotechnical tests at a competitive cost. We understand that timing and schedule is of the essence with most construction projects. With our outstanding flexibility, rush services are always available when you need to avoid delays and keep the job moving.

Soil Borings

Illinois Drilling is equipped with light and heavy duty drilling rigs for soil exploration. We also house compact sampling and coring equipment such as Geoprobe, clear tube sampling machines as well with manual sampling tools for restrictive areas. Our own in-house laboratory is used to perform the necessary testing of soils and various construction materials.

Our Services

Complete Investigation Prior to Design, Laboratory Inspection Services during Construction, & Soil Studies, Review of Available Soil Information & Site Inspection, Recommend Number Depth of Test Borings Based on Proposed Structure or Project.

  • Drilling and Sampling
  • Test Boring Layout
  • Geoprobe Direct Push Percussive Sampling
  • Monitor Well Installation
  • Footing Excavation Inspection
  • Caisson / Piling Inspection
  • Concrete Coring
  • Concrete Compressive Strength
  • Mortar and Grout Compressive Strength
  • Subgrade/Subbase Compaction Monitoring
  • Asphalt Compaction Monitoring
  • Nuclear Density Testing
  • Settlement Investigation
  • On Site Recommendations
  • IEPA CCDD Form Certification
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